Strengths Profile

In your Happiness Lab, you will learn about your own strengths and how to bring them to life at work and at home. You will be guided through this journey by your very own Strengths Development Specialist, developing competencies that will allow you to apply your strengths skilfully to all areas of your life, fully integrating them into your goals, values and daily pursuits.

People who use their strengths everyday:

  • Are happier
  • More confident
  • Higher levels of self esteem
  • Higher levels of energy and vitality
  • More resilient
  • Experience less stress
  • More engaged at work
  • Perform better at work
  • More likely to achieve their goals
  • More effective at developing and growing

We use the world's leading strengths measurement tool - Strengths Profile by CAPP. All of our Strengths Development Specialists are accredited and are amongst the world's most experienced strengths practitioners.

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