My Values, Insights and Actions

In your Happiness Lab you will be able to use Schwartz' universal values measurement tool to learn about your own Values framework.

You will then be able to consider how your own activities in life are aligned with these motivations and how you might be able to create more alignment.

Basic Human Values has long been studied throughout human history. It is thought to be a critical component, along with others, of how a person evaluates their satisfaction with life. Basic human values can be defined as "trans-situational goals that vary in importance and serve as guiding principles in the life of a person or a group" (S Schwartz, 2007).

The main features of a values framework can be summarised in the following five ways:

  • Values are beliefs - a way of thinking that is closely linked to the way we feel. If we believe in certain outcomes as being important to us or the world, we are generally more happy when those outcomes occur and generally less happy when those outcomes fail.
  • Values refer to desirable goals - we will often pursue activities or outcomes that are linked to those things that we belief to be most important to us.
  • Values transcend specific actions and situations - values are more than just attitudes or states of mind. These are intrinsic to our person or group that defy other social constraints and expectations.
  • Values serve as standards or criteria - we use our values to determine whether our own or others behaviour or actions are desirable, acceptable, justified, good, or undesirable, unacceptable, unjustified or bad.
  • Values are ordered by importance - our values framework is made up of a number of important elements and these are ordered in importance relative to each other. They guide our behaviour and decision making when considered in the context of what we are pursuing or what we are trying to achieve.

People who have a greater understanding of their Core Values Motivations and are able to align more of their life's activities to those motivations are happier and more successful.  

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