Daily Mindfulness Practices

All of the practices you will have access to in your Happiness Lab are based upon and incorporate traditional elements in order to maximise the benefits to you. You can choose from a range of activities, focussing on the one's that benefit you most or that you find easier to practice.

Mindfulness has ancient roots, but has recently taken hold in the West. The pace of expansion of mindfulness in the Western World has picked up in the past two decades, and continues to rise rapidly. Existing studies have shown that mindfulness contributed significantly to better health, wellbeing, and occupational performance.

Although from an Eastern Contemplative perspective, the benefits of mindfulness are well known and well documented, this has only recently become a focus of empirical Western research. The rise of mindfulness practice in the West has unfortunately stripped the practice of much of its Eastern roots, ironically the components that make it so beneficial.

The many empirically documented benefits include, reduced stress, more positive emotion, emotional balance, higher resilience, stronger immune system, increase cardiovascular health, better memory and learning, higher levels of wellbeing, and many more.

There is no requirement to have any kind of belief system in order to practice traditional mindfulness and we ensure that each practice is accessible and purposeful.  

Start Practicing Mindfulness Today