Advanced Positive Goal Setting

Goal setting and goal pursuit is often taught in isolation to the bigger picture of a person's life journey.

Learning to craft goals and a healthy motivation framework for those goals is the first most critical step for success and you have begun that journey already in the Positive Goals Section of your Happiness Lab.

Those who are most successful and happiest are able to fully integrate their goals across all areas of their life's journey, understanding the interplay between different goals, different life stages, and competing priorities. This is called Goal Hierarchy and is a much neglected area of learning for most people and organisations. The result of this is that we often achieve one goal at the expense of another, or while we are focussed in one area, we lose ground in another. We feel good about some aspects of our achievement but disappointed in ourselves about others.

In your Happiness Lab, you will learn the skills to fully integrate your short term, medium term and long term goals across all areas of your life; learning how to recognise the interplay and then skilfully crafting your hierarchy to accommodate all of the complimentary and competing elements of all of your goals. And finally applying your Strengths and Values to your goal hierarchy maximising both your chance of successfully achieving your goals as well as building higher levels of happiness and wellbeing.

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And Fully Integrate Your Goals Across All Areas Of Your Life