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A game changing personal & professional development solution

Bringing the empirical science of happiness to life

We are unlocking the science of human flourishing through our platform that harnesses leading positive psychology research to deliver impactful and sustained human and business benefits.

Packages & Pricing

What is the Happiness Lab?

The Happiness Lab is an online platform where users have their own laboratory in which to experiment with a suite of empirically tested activities to enhance wellbeing and happiness. Each package is designed to give you practical activities that will support a healthy mind.

Simple activities that make a real difference in your personal and professional life

In your very own online Happiness Lab, you will complete a range of scientifically proven activities for enhancing happiness and wellbeing. You will also be able to share your experiences, learn from others and get unlimited support in our Mind Insurance Community.

Real changes that last

We make the science of flourishing accessible to everyone.

Package Features
Happy FREE
Happier $595 Annually
*Billed every three months
Happier Premium $995 Annually
Track Your Subjective Well Being Every Three Months
Daily Mindfulness Practice for All Levels of Experience
Discover Your Core Values Motivations
Introduction to Positive Goals
Advanced Positive Goals
Strengths Profile
Playing to My Strengths Reports
Positive Coaching
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Prices include GST. 10% discount for Annual Subscription.